The Last Tips for Vaping

4 – Inhale Lightly and Slowly

How do you inhale? Inhale lightly and slowly. Use tip 3 if the mouthpiece of your vape device is directly above your herbs. If you inhale forcefully, you will suck the herbs to the filter. This blocks the airflow so you won’t get the most vapor if the airflow is blocked.

Inhale slowly to keep the herbs and the heating chambers at the desired temperature. Inhaling too rapidly and frequently may cool the heating chamber and this limits the vapor that you get from each hit.

You have to know that the herbs do not cook up immediately. You can get a bit of vapor by taking huge puffs continuously, but you will get a lot of excess air. The device produces vapor per second, so you should give it time to do its job. Do not take a lot of air because you will outpace your vaporizer if you are taking in a lot of air.

Give the heating chamber time to heat before taking hits. Pace your hits, especially if you are not getting enough vapor. You can wait for a long time between hits, but do not take forceful and deep inhales. It is better to take small, slow, and steady hits.

5 ” Use Mesh Filters for a Vape Pen or Use Glass Screens

Are you using a vape pen? If so, then you have to prevent direct contact between your herbs and the heating coil. And read these Vape Pen Tricks. You can use glass screens because the glass does not alter the flavor of the vapor and it doesn’t conduct electricity. Therefore, a glass will not create a short-circuit with your battery.

Last, but not least, buy a vape pen from a reputable store. Do not waste your time and money buying vape mods brands that you do not know or trust. Take your time when you are researching because there are some vape pens that are just a waste of time and money. Use the tips mentioned above to get thick vapor.